Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Developing the framework/body structure for the larger puppets in the Cardiff Nativity.

Recently I've been developing the bodies for the larger puppets in the Cardiff Nativity production. Previously I've posted pictures of the pupet heads of the camel and the Angel Gabriel , as well as a working drawing for the Camel.  The pictures below show the skeletal structure for the bodies of these puppets, and give an idea of the scale and stage presence that the puppets will have.

The Camel puppet. Development of the body structure. In the background you can see the working drawing for the camel design.

Camel puppet body development

The Angel Gabriel body structure is more complicated as it involves developing the mechanism for the large wings, including moving parts, to be animated by two puppeteers.

The underlining structure of the jointed wings of the Angel Gabriel, operated by rods.

Angel wings and camel puppet in the studio

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