Sunday, August 15, 2010

Work in progress - Nativity Show

Here are some pictures of work in progress on the Cardiff Nativity due to be ready for Christmas 2010.

Costume Design For Herod, by Graeme Galvin ©2010

Costume design First Magi. By Graeme Galvin ©2010
Second Magi. by Graeme Galvin ©2010
Third Magi. By Graeme Galvin ©2010
Fat Shepherd Puppet Design. By Graeme Galvin©2010
Costume Design, Woman of Nazareth. By Graeme Galvin©2010
Working on one of the Shepherds heads. Clay Sculpt ©2010

Clay sculpts in the workshop. By Graeme Galvin 2010

Clay Sculpt. By Graeme Galvin 2010

Latest News!

Hello, first entry! Currently I'm working on designing and making puppets for a new Nativity theatrical production , due to be finished in time for the Christmas season 2010. I'm also still busy making the "Welsh Ladies" line, which are proving to be incredibly popular. Hope to post some pictures soon to show the work in progress including costume designs for the Nativity play I have been working on.