Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cardiff Nativity-Final week!

The Cardiff Nativity is in its final stages of production. It opens on the 1st of December. So a frantic week lies ahead!  Work has been constant over the last few weeks, to realise the designs for the production.The large puppets are almost finished.
Before the show opens I wanted to show a few more photo's of the large puppets, as they have developed considerably from the early stages.

Angel Gabriel & camel in the studio

Angel Gabriel Nearing completion. The puppet is over 7ft tall and will be operated by several puppeteers 

Wide angle shot of the Angel in the studio

Showing the rear of the puppet, and construction of the wings

A sketch for the design of the Angel Wings

Sections of the Camel legs ready for jointing

Front legs of the Camel, jointed and ready to be furred
Things are moving very fast in the studio, and I hope to have a few more photos of the finished camel and Angel in the next few days. 


  1. Graeme, they´re beautiful! Can´t wait to see them finished...

  2. I found it daunting working on a small scale nativity scene so can only begin to imagine the chalenges to a project of this magnitude. What a lush scene it is going to be. I am eager to see the final product.