Sunday, August 15, 2010

Work in progress - Nativity Show

Here are some pictures of work in progress on the Cardiff Nativity due to be ready for Christmas 2010.

Costume Design For Herod, by Graeme Galvin ©2010

Costume design First Magi. By Graeme Galvin ©2010
Second Magi. by Graeme Galvin ©2010
Third Magi. By Graeme Galvin ©2010
Fat Shepherd Puppet Design. By Graeme Galvin©2010
Costume Design, Woman of Nazareth. By Graeme Galvin©2010
Working on one of the Shepherds heads. Clay Sculpt ©2010

Clay sculpts in the workshop. By Graeme Galvin 2010

Clay Sculpt. By Graeme Galvin 2010

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